Tuesday, 20 August 2019

What has been going on! - New Projects!

What has been going on!

If you have been half following me on Twitter or another social media platform you may have noticed that I have been up to a lot recently! Since I have branched out as a freelancer and setting myself up in business offering design, development and vector illustration things seam to be going pretty well – tough in stages but good!

If you are not yet in the loop, drop me an email to watch my design work or if you are into my art and character illustration sign up via my brand spanking new sign up page – dedicated to my illustration, art! 2 completely different things, feel free to choose or sign up to both!

Comic Sans Monster Copyright Jimmsdesign

Professional Design Blog

So this blogger or blog spot will still be used for personnel news and entries and all other random bits and pieces that do not have a home. My professional design 'wont' be posted here any more, If you wish to follow my professional design blog you will need to look here.

Design Bytes will discuss business, products, graphic design and general creative projects which are geared towards corporate, education and gaming. A post that appears to get interest is how we created a card game.

Games Promotional Website

As part of a project to expand my portfolio, I have created website which is dedicated to all things to do with niche, old school and family gaming. It was originally built as portfolio piece but due to growing interested I have added a bit more content and energy into the website. If you are into table top games and playing board games with you family I would strongly recommend having a look.

Other News

I am pleased to say that I have been working on some excellent projects for some interesting clients since I have started doing freelance work full-time. I am also looking working some very interesting projects of my own throughout the year! If you would like to watch this space you can either follow me social media or say hello!

Thank you for reading,

P.s that is not me in the pick... I just felt it represented something, maybe a much needed break!

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