Sunday, 27 November 2016

Underwater : filming underwater Looe's (Cornwall) second beach - GoPro Session waterproof


I wanted to test the capabilities of the GoPro Session in shallow waters  of Looe’s Second beach, I thought it to be as good place as any to test a GoPro. The video captures the the incoming tide from beneath the surface of the water. In this clips you will see; seaweed, rocks, sunlight / sunbeams, murky water, clear water and swimming hand cam, for which I apologise.

1 ) Going under water / fear of damaging my new equipment : a quick clip to test the GoPro going underwater
2 ) Rising Tide : this is the same location with the GoPro being jammed between some rocks. Its almost therapeutic
3 ) Deeper Water : The tide is rising quickly, offering a small clearing among the rock pools in which I can swim/snorkel with a certain degree of freedom
Sun rays beaming onto the rocks through the waters surface
rising tide and seaweed on Looe beach from underwater perspective
Bubbles with a finger tip/ swimming against the tide
About to wear a snorkel! before going into the water
Silt and seaweed! would you put your hand in it?

Or watch it full quiet HD >

Growing up by the sea and having a keen interest in the coast, one of the first things I would want to record with a waterproof GoPro is activity in the water. The GoPro Session claims to be a water resistant HD camera and I can now, personally vouch for this product, it is indeed waterproof! The Session lives up to the reputation as is claimed and I have been happy to share a this tester video. Feel free to comment and name any of the creatures, seaweed that are in this video.

This video was filmed in August 2016 around the bank holiday. This is Looe, Cornwall’s second beach among the rock pools. I think they are winkles at the end but not entirely sure. Feel free to share.