Sunday, 23 October 2011

London Drawing at the Tower of London.

Update – London Drawing at the Tower of London.

Sorry, 2 weeks later and then I manage to update… what can I say, I have been busy.
Anyway, I was really impressed with the night I had at the
Tower of London. The eerie surroundings, the crisp chill of the night autumn air, it provided a night to remember.

London Drawing held an event in the
Tower of London where costumed models and historical back stories pathe the way for the fertile imagination. Pencils, felt tips, pastels, charcoal and various other mediums where all supplied. The group was then split down the middle and placed in 2 different areas for a limited period of time. This was to avoid the overcrowding of the small areas and to get as much drawing in as possible. I wouldn’t say I had time to get a polished drawing in as the models moved around every 10 minutes to my surprise, speed was the key to the night so sketched the model and surroundings as quick as possible.

It is great an opportunity to draw, chat and become immersed in history of Tudor England (ToL). I recommend to any life drawing enthusiasts’, artists or anyone that likes history to take part in this.

Hello to GB and VB for being there too.



take a look at some of the pictures for yourself, the back of my head is in there a few times!