Saturday, 19 November 2011

Illustration Meet Ups in Central London - network with other creatives and expand your business

Yoillo! Illustration Networking

Last Wednesday, I attended another Yoillo meet up in the quiet upstairs pub of the Yorkshire Grey. A traditional comfy pub tucked away in the back streets of central London. I sat there drinking my cider, waiting for the other attendees; slowly they trickled in, with the organizer Rob Barrett being the first.

The 'Yoillo meet ups' are basically the chance to network with other artists and illustrators and talk about random everyday stuff, or your latest project with like-minded people. I work as a Designer and Developer in gadget company producing artwork web bits, so I'm always looking for edge. In other words, I work across a wide area of creative projects; they call me ‘Art Guy’ at work, a Mr Crayola of the company. I found this get together to be an refreshing way to chat and network in an informal and relaxed way with industry professionals. These types of artists ranged from cartoonists, gothic artists, designers of various genres. This was great way of feeling inspired and keeping your ear to the ground.

On both occasions (October and November) 6 + people have turned up to the event, (25 plus at its biggest so I’m told) we exchanged business cards, flyers, did a bit of show and tell and picked each other’s brains about the industry and what is going on in the world at present. Ultimately it’s a great chance to get out the house for a chat and drink... so come along and bring others.

Professionals and hobbyists welcome! Usually around the middle of the month after 7pm.

Thank you Rob!

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