Sunday, 28 June 2015

Business Card Sized Mini Prints. Artwork samples & illustrations. 1st Run

Mini Printed Pictures

I printed these mini business card sized pictures with idea to hand them out as sample prints to prospective businesses and to canvas for private commissions. Being pleased with the general quality of these miniature reproductions I am offering the last of the first run (1st Run) to the open market. Being satisfied with result of this batch I intend to print another batch although the characters and prints themselves may well be different in the next set.

A collection of miniprints to buy
Displaying the complete range of the first run

Top left to right : Bloated Zombie, The Poet, Golemn the cat, Madman's throne,
Gorian, Tulip, White hare, and the reverse of the card

About The Collection of Artwork

The collection of a printed cards consists of a range of illustration work taken from my portfolio, also available for viewing on JD illustration - my commercial illustration portfolio blog. Drawings and artwork vary from monsters, folklore to everyday characters. Some of the pieces have featured in exhibitions in the North and South East Cornwall.
The White Rabbit

The Poet

Gorian - The Miserable Imp

Can I buy These Cards?

Yes, although these cards are now in limited supply and once the first run from which there were 50 cards, there will be no more of these cards (1st Run) . Should you wish to purchase these cards I will sign the reverse before sending them to you via recorded post. The other 'Samples' do not have a signature which were sent out for canvasing purposes.

Please contact me for further information and which cards you would be interesting in buying from what is listed above.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Artwork Update - Fantasy & Folklore Art : Manticore, The White Hare and a Faun

Artwork Update : Fantasy & Folklore

I felt it was time again to add some of my fantasy and folklore artwork to Blogger as it has been a while. I have been busy on the illustration and design side of things so that can only be a good thing, but this does take me away from working on my own personal updates. So, I have selected a couple of pieces of artwork for your interest. 

1 ) The Manticore : this is my rendition of the Manticore, a mythological beast with human features, the body of a lion and scorpion's tail. This depiction of the Manticore is based on a rewrite of a bestiary which was originally written by monks in the middle ages, which is a close as you could get to the original description of the mythological beast (how dare you! it's real I say!). Should you ever get the chance to read a classic historical bestiary I would recommend it - I don't know what those monks were taking but it seamed give them some fairly outrageous ideas! I also get the impression that most of these Monks didn't venture further than their chapel grounds, let alone visit the far east where they believed these creatures roamed free - so knights beware. I think one of my favourite inserts which I remember suggests : a virgin should cuddle a unicorn to cure a particular affliction... good luck finding a virgin!  

A digital painting of a red manticore
Red Manticore Illustration JD Odell

2 ) The White Rabbit (Hare) : I have written about this piece of artwork in previous posts and listings. This drawing was produced for a folklore exhibition I held in Looe in 2011 - with this animal being based on classic folklore "should you follow the rabbit your misfortunes will begin" the smugglers, sailors in Cornwall were superstitious in the day and this nasty legend was based on the misfortune of a young girl.

I wanted the Rabbit to look cuddly and enticing yet conceal an air of hidden malevolence to it, after all it is essentially a poltergeist. The artwork was produced using markers, pencils and PS.

The brief link below tells more of the 'White Hare' . Watch out when you next drink in the Jolly sailor in Looe - me and my partner are staying in a cottage on West Looe Hill
The White Hare - Painting
White Rabbit - Don't follow it!

3 ) The Faun Sleeps : This was another piece of fantasy artwork! This image depicts a faun sleeping in the dirt with its younger siblings nestled around him. I was fairly happy with the drawing aside from the environment looking bleak and lack of colour depth in the image. In hind sight I also wished I added more texture to the picture to really pull you into the scene, the browns all merge into one as it stands which is fine although I wander what it would have looked like with more to it.

At the very least... does the image make you want to lie down on the soft ground?

A Sleeping Faun and babies
The Faun Sleeps - are you feeling sleepy?
I am more than happy to offer my services as a fantasy illustrator and artist be it for personal or commercial projects. For more information about my service please feel free to browse my website and contact me via my contact page. I can offer a range of skill with my main focus being in gritty details and commercial experience. My artwork has been used for print publications, marketing and graphic novels.

All artwork is Copyright James (Jimm, JD) Odell please do not reprint or distribute my artwork without prior consent. 2015

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