Sunday, 23 September 2018

Photo's taken from my London commutes which inspires my artwork

Photos Taken From Commute

Wet and rainy street heading towards station London

Train Interior

That's the whole train - not just the toilet

Heading Home
Eerie Morning

Station roof
Black and white


Experience the joys of London travels. I have to admit that I tried to take the pictures when it was slightly quieter on the stations. It's these types of images that have been inspiring my drawings. People ask me if I draw on the tube, the truth is... no, don't complete a finished pencil drawing whilst on my 20 minute commute. What I see inspires me but none of what upload is like for like. It will resemble some bits and pieces. I'm aiming to create a feeling of community with our travels a feeling -

' Yeah, that's what my journey is like '
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