Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Wimbledon Common Photo's + Windmill Summer

Photo's Taken On Wimbledon Common

Here are a selection of photo's take on Wimbledon Common from the other day. These pictures were taken on my point and snap camera.
Woods on Wimbledon Common
Dirt Track and Puddle From Wimbledon Common
Back of the Windmill
Wet Soil Photo
Mud Track From Common
Clearing On Wimbledon Common
Getting cloudy On Wimbledon Common
These photo were take to share some of pretty scenes you may see on Wimbledon Common on a weekend. Even though it started to cloud over these are some nice pictures. And to think this is within the M25.

Photo's By J Odell

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

My Take On Dark Souls - Part 2 : The Games That Tested Me!


I mentioned that I would write a follow up to the first part of playing Dark Souls and I finally have managed to get around to it. If you haven't read the first part you can look here >. To wrap it up quickly Dark Souls is a challenging, fascinating action adventure RPG where you can create a character and put them against creatures of your worst nightmares...

Welcome to Dark Souls...

Basic Dark Souls Items

Dark Souls Icon Graphics
Dark Souls Items Sheet - Artwork Copyright FromSoftware

A very valuable commodity in Dark Souls. Titanite can be used to upgrade weapons and armour. Although upgrading armour with Titanite in Dark Souls 3 is no longer applicable.

These are the equivalent of currency. Use souls to level up or purchase items. Souls can be found be either killing enemies or found on perished hollows.

Homeward Bone
Great for getting you out of tight spots. I would advise having these equipped. You never know what lurks beyond the grey mist.
Estus Flasks
Are essential unless you have a huge health bar – and trust me, going for a straight up large amount of HP isn’t necessary the best decision when you start playing. Estus is flame, its warmth and above all else is basically health potions. You can upgrade the amount of Estus you carry or how potent each drink is in replenishing health.

Flame… precious flame’

I have to admit that I didn’t use too many spells/miracles in my players build. Maybe If I was to play through again maybe I should create a Hexer? Throughout Dark Souls you will come across numerous spells that the player can cast to heal, protect or destroy.

In the world of Dark souls you can cast pyromancies. These are lesser spells which a non-wizard or spell caster can use.

Throughout the souls games there are many items you can pick up, wear, use or cast in the game. Writing everything here would spoil too much. And there is nothing like the
pre-internet days of discovering something apparently hidden. If you are adamant that you want to look for some special items you can follow a website such as this.


You will find a small comfort from the warm glow of your bonfire. These are sanctuaries from which you are protected by the terrors that lie in the deep gloom.
They are also save points!



Phantoms, merchants, vagabonds and lone wonderers... these are the characters you may meet on your journey.
Through the Dark Souls games you will stumble upon rogues, renegades crestfallen travellers, and many others which will either mean to harm the player or help along the way. Generally speaking its favourable to have the NPC’s at your side. You will often come to notice that NPC’s will gather at the central hub of all 3 games so the player can access them easy to either purchase supplies, weapons and various pieces of equipment.
The peculiar characters of DS world will come across as little ethereal and strange, many seam to laugh for no apparent reason – maybe they are mad, maybe the game is laughing as it knows at the torture of some of the stupidly hard challenges that await. They know some you don't. I'm watching you Pate.

Solaire A fanatic and bizarre sun worshiper that you come across in Dark souls, He is in the first level just after defeating the Taurus demon. "You really are fond of chatting with me, aren't you? If I didn't know better, I'd think you had feelings for me! Ha ha ha!"
I found out that The voice actor for pate was none other than -
Peter Serafinowicz, the actor from Shaun of Dead. Pate is a shifty character that you come across in Dark Souls, so keep your wits about you. He looks a bit like a roman Legionary.

Crestafallen night
The Crestfallen knight is a general down and out misery in Dark souls, he is in the first installment and basically sits around wallowing. The Crestfallen knight is easy to distinguish, he will be sat near the bonfire, being a melt.


The humble and generally upbeat blacksmith, he makes me feel reassured… maybe its because of the westcounty accent. Andrei will sell and reinforce weapons.

“Tink – Tink - Tink”
She is one of many characters in Dark souls 2. She is a good summon from memory, although starts to become a little absent minded as time goes along. You will recognise Lucatiel by her attire – She has the appearance of a musketeer

Bonfire Women (Fire Keepers)
2 and 3. These ethereal characters will help the player to level up throughout the games.
Old Ladies of Dark Souls 2
These 3 characters are met early on in the Dark Souls 2. These cynical old crones are former Firekeepers and they are tended to by a servant called Milibeth.
You can meet the Old Ladies intro here...

"Like a moth to a flame, your wings will burn in anguish.”

Design and Feel
The world(s) of Dark Souls is a large and solemn place, inhabited by the lost, the crestfallen, the mad and... you. FromSoftware have done a great sculpting both a enjoyable adventure story steeped in ambiguous lore and a sword-swing, monster slaying RPG.

What I love about the souls games are the secrets, the mysteries and the easter eggs – there are entire hidden zones in games which can be discovered by pressing, knocking on or falling into walls or objects. I won’t ruin the game for you, all I can recommend is that you start knocking on some walls! There are many. I have to confess, I didn’t discover enough in dark souls 1. And it has been a while since I played.

The monsters, the demons and even the your standard combatants have had so much attention to detail paid them it's almost a shame to rush the game. The designs of the characters capture elements of historical realism which just add the the authenticity to the Dark Souls worlds.. These monsters feel as old and as genuine as their environment.

These nightmarish monsters pull you deeper into the yawning darkness to join the other lost souls, the countless 1000's which never completed their journey.

The Environment
Dark souls feels like something out of a dark ages. The souls realm is a place of medieval purgatory where misery and total hopelessness emanates from every cornerstone, archway and tree the player crosses on their path. On of may favourite environments is the Majula. Perhaps this peaceful place reminded me of where I grew up, its peaceful and beautiful but bleak at times. The Untended Graves is also another favourite of mine.

Other Gaming Bits

Did you know!
They have made a table board and card games of the Dark Souls games?
You can buy them from Steamforge Games online or from smaller online retailers. Some of these games may come to this website in the future – Board Games

Help and fan sites

Dark Souls Trivia

Apparently in dark souls 1 there is a forbidden boss that was removed from the game in late stages of the development – he was called the Undead King Jar-Eel

Devil in the level details : From software love to pack in insane amounts of detail, so much so if you can access the game from your PC you can explore the world and distant structures – apparently. When playing the Dark Souls game in Lothric you can also see some of the lower level detail of the roofs if you look off the ramparts.

Copyright Dark Souls – Fan pen drawings by me.