Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bring Out Your Beasts – MONSTER DRAW...

Bring Out Your Beasts – MONSTER DRAWINGS

Felt compelled to draw some vile things and a little less of the London Underground (although I will be coming back to this very soon) I have been getting my brain monsters and design down on paper. Most of these sketches, doodle's, drawing have been captured on a traditional cartridge paper using both my mechanical pencil and graphite.

I think it has to be said that I get a level of satisfaction from drawing the grisly details of creatures, be it afflictions, boils, wounds, teeth and any other visceral part of the anatomy. Drawing this gives me sense inner rhythm , a hum or chord in which my body and mind tunes into. It's gives me sense of focus and relaxation which I can only graze upon with these few words.

Take your time to have a browse, I have been feeling quite inspired to do some more creature design and studies since going to the zoological museum at UCL. Elephant skulls are quite fascinating to draw and also strange without flesh. That's for another day.

It's Blurred?

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All artwork Copyright JD Odell 2016. Please do not use, distribute without my prior consent.

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