Sunday, 18 March 2012

Postcards - x 4 bunny - pencil work - Madman's Throne

poscards, bunny, prisoner, MKC madmans throne

I have 4 postcards available (limited stock). These were initially printed for an exhibition in Looe. The White Rabbit was featured (although friendlier) in the Yoillo Annual Xmas Calender.  

The Prisoner - pencil drawing of prisoner
Mary King's Close (inspired by Edinburgh's MKC)
*The White Rabbit - based on an omen behind the Jolly Sailor in Looe
*The Madman's Throne - parasitic entity living on it's host.
The parasite is the madness.

Postcards are £1 each
or £3.50 for all 4

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Gadget Factory Theme - Satzuma

The Story
In conjunction with the brand. We developed a back story and established a creative process from there – step by step.
The Satzuma men come from their own world, where they make these wacky-cool-stylish gadgets (the products) , an exciting prospect to begin with. The Satzuma people, need to build and source the gadgets. From there, we took a few logical steps; a warehouse? Too limited, overseas? Very literal and not very exciting, we need something where the user experience can be greater, pull them in and walk them around the Satzuma world, this concept is to engage the fans and the businesses - this needed to be the next step from Gadget Garden… A factory!

With all that leaping about spitting ideas about the place in a mammoth brainstorming session, (not all on one day and there might have been actual spit) we needed to consider how this would work in terms of brand, construction and applying the Satzuma effect. This idea needed to push the brand and ultimately, sell the product.

From The Ground Up – Planning
Step 1) Products – how will the theme frame and display the products

Step 2) Brand – Stick to brand guidelines whilst stretching them, remembering it has to be commercial.
Step 3) User experience – how will this make the user feel and imprint our brand as one of the memorable experiences of their day at the trade show.
Starting with the Diamante products, the creative process evolved from there, the crystals would be mined ( where else could the Satzuma people get those semi-precious gems!) or quarried, giving an excellent starting point from a theme, the factory gets its raw materials.

What about the other products? That zing, that craziness which epitomizes Satzuma, Where do they come from what is the origin of this madness… the Satzuma Juice! The products are pulled from this viscous orange liquid that is chemical composite of fun, gadgetyness and placed into the range, still warm!
So based on this back story we needed; Conyeyor belts, mad machines, logos, juice, boxes, pipes,signs, engines, steam, vacuum chutes and pressure gauges and so on!

Below are some examples of artwork used in the project Copyright Satzuma LTD.

Conclusion(ish) – Design – UI – Marketing – Interaction - the entire process
The chance to conceptualize and develop a wacky theme idea into the existing brand has been an exciting experience, the Gadget Factory has proved to be challenge in terms of practicality and how we would deliver this in a real world environment. We needed to make this work across multiple platforms in print, exhibition design, Illustration, marketing artwork and online media (flash animation and interaction) there will be more of this to come in the near future.