Thursday, 7 May 2015

I Salute You 2015 - Highlights from the show

Salute 2015

A show dedicated to all things to do with war-miniatures, scenery and fantasy, I felt that I needed to pay a visit to this show. I have been to this exhibition twice to scope out any chances of networking with like-minded companies to pitch my freelance illustration and design portfolio to. The show had a great vibe - even from the off you could sense the eagerness of uber enthusasts just waiting to get into the hall and see what the show had to offer.

If you collect or paint models this show is a must and it was only £10 with an advanced ticket. Back in my day when I used to paint I would have cried with joy at coming to this show! Space marines and army men galore, I have attached some images from the show for 2015.

And hats off the the awesome painters (I could have never been that good) at the show and thanks to the SouthLondon Warlords.

Dragon lizard model snapped from salute 2015

Painted giant snapped from Salute 2015 Miniature

Salute Soldier 2015
Salute game in progress 2015

If you like this at glimpse, then you should go next year!