Sunday, 17 February 2013

Making a QR code - Modern Retail Solutions and Marketing : QR code generation

QR Codes

As we all know smartphones are becoming ever more common place and a lot of the western population are “plugged in” 24/7 (I won’t lie, it took me ages to come away from the good old 3320 onto my HTC).

Anyway, if you are not using QR codes in your print-marketing campaigns get on board now. QR codes are a great way of displaying or even up selling existing products. With a quick scan of a QR code from your phone, the prospective customer can be redirected to your website, video or even display a message, more details below!

For Satzuma, we have been applying QR codes to our newest packaging. The customer(s) – talking from and end user perspective, would look over the product, answering their own questions and forming their own analogies of the product inside before making that decision on whether to purchase the product. But with a QR code this gives the packaging that additional level of information. The customer can scan the QR code, be directed the webpage with the video or text information and find out how the product works, giving that extra layer or information regarding your product that would otherwise be lost to chance… lets face it - print technology, as it stands can’t project a video of the product in action in front of the consumer.

Example: in other words a customer has picked up the product, looked over the information on the back of the packaging and they are still confused. Or not – they can scan the QR code located in an easy to find location and watch the product in action, answering any unanswered questions and perhaps showing extra benefits that they would have not been otherwise considered – there’s a perk!

QR code is a great way of bridging that gap between print and digital media.

QR code scanner FREE resource – click link to make your own QR code!

Other tips with QR codes
A handy trick if you are stuck for space. If you have too many black squares in a small space on your QR code, a QR code reader will have difficulty scanning – fact! (would recommend 2cm min)
A handy way of getting around this little problem is by copying your link into the URL shortnener first and then copying your shortened URL into QR code resource (here) you will now have a less crowded, less blurry QR code for your print.

Link shorteners

QR Scepticism – Am I a true believer?
I have written this article singing the praises of the humble little QR code but how effective is it really...?
We see them everywhere in the city but I am yet to see its full effectiveness as an actual marketing solution, I rarely see anyone scanning QR codes. I know don’t tend to bother unless I know I’m going to get a big benefit from it – time will tell and analytics will show.

Thank you for reading.