Friday, 20 September 2019

Beavering away building websites!

Busy Projects!


Hello, if you have come through to this website as you are a keen reader then thank you for coming in and having a look and seeing what I am up to. This is just a journalistic type post, vary casual, doesn't solve any world problems but it does talk about a few things


So, I have been expanding on my illustration work by quite a bit and I felt that this website – (good old blogger, you have been a loyal friend for many, many years) has now been relegated for just personal ramblings, posts and what I have been up to!

I have been working on a new professional art blog! Bosh, which will focus on what I have been doing, what I intend to do and all the bits in between.
If you want to hear about it in the future feel free to sign up

Design Blog

Hello, all so I have taken the time to put some of my projects and experience into one neat little blog. This blog will discuss various things like how to design a product, graphic design, website design and various handy tips which may or may not help your business.

As this blog is relatively new please take the time and consider sharing with friends, families, dogs, and gerbils and maybe floppy disks drives... Floppy disk drives will like this blog for certain I hope!