Monday, 12 August 2013

Low cost, easy to edit email template with graphics - COPPERPLATE

Here is a new Beta service that I've introduced to 2013... Selling email templates. With this easy to edit template (called The Copperplate) it is a simple article by article newsletter, which is a great solution for that tight or ongoing deadlines. The graphics are included with the HTML in multiple formats - its ready to use. The actual email template itself, once unzipped and saved to your computer, can be edited and treated anyway that you please - copyright free. The graphics can be altered, moved or completely replaced at your discretion.

Features and Benefits
- Available with added graphics in AI. PSD. PNG and jpeg format, Save time and money on design.
- Commented HTML code for ease of use.
- Inline CSS styling
- Tried and tested formatting for getting multiple Calls To Action.
- All work is copyright free. You can use the graphics on other projects!
- Filter Friendly, the email has been designed and coded taking into account accessibility and whether it is visible in outlook, hotmail... etc - Avoid spam blocking
- The format has been tried and tested.
- This solution is cost effective and saves time

The zipped email pack is available for £3.99 via safe secure Paypal service

Should you run into any problems or require bespoke email design services please follow this link