Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Photo's from Gold Digging's Quarry on Bodmin Moor

Near the Stone Circle on Bodmin Moor

Upon my recent visit to Cornwall, we ventured up to one of favourite spots – the Hurlers (Minions). Bodmin Moor is a place that is brimming with history and character, from its gauss bushes, wild ponies and decaying relics from its tin mining past. If you like walking, I would definitely recommend a visit… just don’t try to climb into any open mines!

The Gold Digging’s

This secluded rustic beauty spot is about 30 mins from the Minion’s car park if you follow the quartz track. You can spot the Gold Digging’s Quarry (Swit Quarry) by the stone shelf that just out from surround green landscape, you can mistaken for a natural formation of granite boulders. I have little knowledge about the quarry apart from it’s filled with water, whether it was filled from a nearby flooded mine (which I’m not too sure about) of whether it is filled with rain water is something I would be curious to know. I’ve heard rumours that the pit is deep and that cars have been dumped at the bottom! Again, this is little more than what I've heard from rumours. I was fascinated with this place as a lad and now I’m probably even more so now that I'm grown man. Eerie, rustic, and beautiful all at the same time - not to mention nostalgic for me!

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These photo were take on around Easter 2017

J Odell

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Hyperlapse Video - Adding a white space to my pencil drawing Mindtap

AS I have uploaded this to Youtube I felt it wouldn't hurt to turn this into a post. This post shows a hyper-lapsed video taken from my desktop, showing me whiting out, removing scuffs from the scan, adding shadows and adding in highlights. This is a pencil drawing depicting The Mindtap, I imagined it to how a brain leak might feel...

Thank you for watching. This Hyper-lapse video was made using After Effects.

Artwork Copyright Jimm Odell 2017(JD - Illustration)