Thursday, 17 May 2012

Show Me Inspiration - Where To Find Some!

Need Creative Inspiration

Hello! We have all been there; you have been sat at your computer stuck for hours on end not really producing anything worth showing to anyone. You sit staring at the screen with your mouth hung open gawping at a piece of work that means absolutely nothing... it lacks sustenance, meaning or any real thought, you rely on your computer to have vision!  The birds chirp in the trees, sun sets – sun rises. You think,
“I know, I’ll make hot cuppa!’ you make a brew and still nothing comes, apart from a few rubbish concepts if lucky (You can never pass off a rubbish idea, everybody knows a rubbish idea when they see it.). It’s as if your brain needs an idea injection, that moment of long awaited genius but ... it doesn’t come. I know, it is almost as if I (you) have started the wrong way round; designing first, thinking after, not a great way of going about things but we’ve all done it – and probably still do from time to time!

Get away from the screen
Especially applies for my freelancing time and even working In-house, this 'non-working' working time is when my best thought processes come about, the ideas that come from nowhere or so they seem. Go for a walk in a park, get some fresh air, take some food maybe even take your camera and take some snaps.

Read something - a creative magazine! I recommend a magazine over just going to a blog because you’ll usually get a better quality content (Oh the irony!) and if you are reading a blog, you're still looking at a screen –  in work function unproductive mode. Read books, look at photos, research topics, talk to industry pro’s, take a holiday, take a shower – sleep! OK enough of the fluffy general bit, a list of helpful online resources, which is probably one of the main reasons that you have read this far.

I hope these help - and this really helpful for all round.