Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Bye for now - Information on Board Game Website

 About Classic Board Games

It has been a while since adding anything here, as so much of my energy now goes into running other websites and the mainstay of my business. But! I thought It would be a good time to add something positive.

In the summer of 2019, I designed a website, it was launched, and I called Dragon Bone Games. This was created as both a hobby website and as an experiment to showcase that I can design websites for the board game industry. I wanted to demonstrate that I offer both the visual design and build of a website.  I wanted to create something to show that it was in tune with the industry too!   

It was that, and then it became more.

Dragon Bone Games - grew!

And as it grew.  I paid a bit more attention to it. Today, I am going to step back for a short while to a) catch up on other projects b) watch and see what it does.

But, as a temporary sign-off before moving onto another project I wanted to share some content with you. If you are a game creator in the UK and you could like to have your board game distributed here are some distribution companies to consider.

A list of them has been written here.

Board game Distribution companies based in the UK

Failing that, if you are a board game creator and have nailed a successful Kickstarter. Here is a list of fulfilment companies.  

By for now!

Oh and if you need any design services please get in touch.