Saturday, 24 December 2016

Speed tips for photoshop layers!

Ho Ho Ho a quick post before Xmas!

A couple of tips for working with Photoshop layers!

If like me you need work layers in Photoshop any time saving measure is a bonus. I have a compiled a short list of techniques for making the best use of Photoshop’s layers and icons and this is by far… only the tip the iceberg for tricks and techniques. Enjoy! (Swap CMD for CTRL on Windows)

Change the layer order, move it up and down :
Cmd+[ Move Down
Cmd+] Move Up 

Cmd+Shift+] = to move it to the bottom of the stack
Cmd+Shift+[ = Move it to the top of the stack
Direct select a layer
With move tool selected (V) hold
Cmd to highlight the layers directly from the art board. This will also highlight groups.

Duplicate a layer 
Ideal for copying a layer! Cmd + J to copy a selected layer! Or you can drag the selected on this icon! OR right click and duplicate. A personal fave.
Colour Coordinated
In addition to organizing you layers into folder and groups, why not colour coordinate the layers so you glance at groups? Brown for dirt, green for sea etc. Right click and select a colour.

New Layer Cmd+Shift + N brings up the new layer dialogue.

Cycle Through Blend ModesNeed to see what a multiply, saturation, or overlay will look like on the fly?

Shift + (Minus or plus, top right of the keyboard)
Layer Opacity
With the layer selected you can quickly change its opacity by pressing ...
Shift + 22, 30, 23 (a number from the top row) typing the number in quick succession will change the layers opacity percentage. Hold shift and then press “22” the layer will be 22% “30” = 30 %. Very handy for digital painting or retouching.
Group Layers
Select your layers and press
Cmd + G to group them together. If you are not grouping your numerous layers… you should start. For sanity’s sake.

Well everyone! I hope this is a little something to leave 2016 on! Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!

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