Monday, 5 December 2016

Living Dead Art Post - Zombies & Ghosts

Feeling that is was other due for another artwork post featuring my artwork. For this post I have grabbed a couple of pieces of work of my illustrated undead. Sketching, painting and rending all of the grisly details these wanders is always a pleasure for me as I can really go to town on the details and drive home a certain level of earthy realism, whether that be open muscle tissue, spots, bones, organs or bodily fluids. Read on!

The Undead, hungry and the lost for all eternity, they roam the earth until the end of days seeking retribution and flesh. 

Hollow Zombie

This is a slightly older image capturing a partially decomposed zombie ambling around in it’s tattered clothes, torn flesh and its stomach bloated with decay. The image captures 2 states of the zombie, with its stomach and without. This image was painted in drawn by hand and then rendered in Photoshop.

Ghoul – Swamp Zombie

And so, our undying friend has awoken from his long slumber by the dawn chorus of walking corpses... or a grave digger.
This illustration captures the moment the Ghoul clambers out from a peat bog to meet his brothers in death. Although undead or partially living, I wanted to capture a hulking mass of muscle that that could serve any necromancer, witch or warlord as long as it is paid in meat. The creature is also closer to life that death and so wanted to capture and expression of “Where am I!? - I was alive a moment ago”

Lady of the Lane
As with many folktales and local legends, I wanted to illustrate my rendition of the Lady of the Lane for exhibition I held in Looe in Cornwall. The Lady of the lane or the White lady is said to haunt a narrow lane leading to Talland Bay.

Holiday makers and revelers be wary when walking back to the camp site, should you see a white figure coming towards in the dead of night turn on your heel and run for the pub… ghost’s have little taste for beer.
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