Friday, 2 July 2010

The Launch of Mr Jenkins - A Comic E-story

 comic ebook
This is something I have been threatening to do for years and have now, finally, got round to redesigning and illustrating the Wondrous Adventures of Mr Jenkins for digital download.

This silly story follows the life of a man who has fallen onto unfortunate circumstances as struggles to go about his everyday life. Mr Jenkins is a tale a of woe, joy, blood and even handlebar moustaches!

I have compiled this story into a PDF format. The story is narrative text with daft colour illustrations to pull you along the story by you eyelashes - or even you optic nerves!

If you like things like weebles stuff, Monty Python, salad fingers then this could be the treat for you my friend! The PDF is £1, which is paid into my paypal account! An amusing laugh!

Heads will be flying in this strange story!

Download and read now>

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